Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil Principle & Criteria (RSPO P&C) 

Certification Documents and Standards

Bureau Veritas Certification (M) Sdn Bhd is accredited to perform RSPO Principles & Criteria certification services since 18 Jul 2018. Our accreditation status and scope can be verified here which is qualified to offer the following services:

RSPO Principles and Criteria for the Production of Sustainable Palm Oil

RSPO Management System Requirements and Guidance for Group Certification of FFB Production

RSPO Independent Smallholder Standard (RISS)

RSPO New Planting Procedure


Please find the specific documents designed by Bureau Veritas Certification for RSPO P&C certification schemes:

Bureau Veritas Certification (M) Sdn Bhd also actively perform RSPO Supply Chain certification on an affiliate to Bureau Veritas Certification Hong Kong Ltd. RSPO supply chain certification system is used to prove whether the supply chain of palm oil or products produced from this palm oil meets sustainability certification standards. Its purpose is to extend coverage to the entire supply chain including consumers. For further information about RSPO Supply Chain certification, please click here.


Bureau Veritas makes it a priority to address all complaints thoroughly and promptly. Alternatively, you can submit complaints directly to Bureau Veritas Certification via an easy-to-use online  form or by e-mail to RSPO P&C Product Manager (Email:

 We have a special process for handling certification decision appeals and information requests



For details information related to certification documents, specific procedures and latest updates related to RSPO certification scheme; these information can be obtained through RSPO website


For your conveniences related to latest Public Announcement for upcoming RSPO P&C assessment by Bureau Veritas Certification, please refer here .


As an accredited Certification Body with sufficient pool of resources, we have certify numbers of clients which have demonstrated compliance towards RSPO P&C certification.

List of our RSPO P&C certified clients and their certification status can be found here .